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2016 03-02

Must have gadgets


Must-have gadgets

The word “gadget” in English means “device. It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the last century, the British Navy sailors called gadgets all the technical tools and devices whose names they didn’t know or couldn’t remember.

Nowadays, the term “gadget” is used mainly for various electronic devices designed to improve and facilitate the life of people. Some gadgets are designed to enhance functionality and ensure comfortable operation when connecting to more complex technical devices. For example, Bluetooth-headset or Bluetooth-bracelet connected wirelessly to mobile phones. The others are able to work independently: tablets, smartphones, e-books, car navigation devices, audio players, etc.

Gadgets are widely used in various fields. In sports, the use of electronic bracelets measures the length of the run, heart rate and calories burned during the sports performance.

In this review, we present Top 5 gimmicky gadgets that are able to make your life digital and up-to-date.

Pebble Time

What do you know about modern smart watch? It is usually equipped with round or square color displays, which at the same time works just for one or two days. But what if the smart watch has a color display and it can last for more than two days?

Pebble wondered the same question and has developed smart watch Pebble Time. This gadget can really compete with Apple Watch and the models on Android Wear.

Huawei Talkband 2

When you take a glance at Huawei TalkBand B1 exit, it becomes clear that the unusual combination of fitness and bracelet of Bluetooth-headset is justified. And six months later, the company has released a significantly modified model under the name Huawei TalkBand B2. Externally, a new generation of smart watches is different from its predecessor similar as a beautiful swan from the ugly duckling.

The concept of the bracelet remains the same, since the device is a headset worn on the wrist. In addition, it serves as a tracker by counting the steps. Literally, this is the greatest innovation.

Jabra Sport Pulse

The headset comes in a neat package of thick cardboard. In general, these are two massive headphones connected by a flexible cable. You can listen to the Pulse and wear it for an hour or more without the slightest discomfort.

The plugs are necessary for the best fixation of the in-ear headphones. On the cable there is the remote control, multi-function button, volume buttons and a clear button. With the help of the same button, you can move to the beginning and end of tracks, mute the microphone. The left ear is “Sport” button, it can start the application, stop or continue training, quickly find the distance and find out the heart rate. In general, it’s responsible for everything related to running.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset owns standard specifications for such devices. The interface acts as a Bluetooth 4.1, has support for A2DP supported by the absence of noise reduction. With a weight of 6.5 gram, the headset can work up to 5 hours of talk time and music with the opportunity of listening or up to 180 hours (per week) in the standby mode. The charging time is 2 hours.

The headphones promote the concept within a new level. The combination of elegant appearance, ergonomic design and innovative acoustic engineering provides an incredibly rich and balanced sound. By the way, cable remote control optimized for iOS devices (version of the M2 IEI), and for the Samsung Galaxy ™, LG ™, HTC ™, Sony ™, and other devices running Android (M2 IEG version), so that you will be able to answer calls and switch between tracks by simply pressing a button.

Future of mobile computing


 The Future of mobile computing

Steve Jobs in one of his speeches admitted that “he trusted the mad futurologists and long-term forecasts about computing more than the market analysts”. Thus, we may claim that the future of mobile computing will appear impressive in the nearest future.

The progress is exponential right now in the areas such as nanotechnology, decoding genomes and clear images obtained by brain imaging. Due to the information about the technology, by 2020 people will be able to equip one’s brain with computers and create a machine that won’t be more stupid than themselves. By 2029 the computer holds a so-called “Turing test”, that will be able to keep the conversation as a person, that it cannot be distinguished from a real interlocutor.

It’s only natural that the artificial intelligence will become an integral part of the economic infrastructure. The stock market computers will analyze billions of transactions in real time and instantly identify certain patterns that are invisible to the human eye.

Already in 2045, the intelligence machinery is used to grow billions of times in comparison with the total intelligence of all people. In any case, we will have to change in order to be a match for the machines, possibly by increasing their expense by our own intelligence.

The appearance of the” Internet of things” in the future is inevitable. This thing has already come, but will be developed in the future. This is the time when the number of “things” or material objects connected to the Internet will exceed the number of people using the World Wide Web.

The “Internet of things” will allow monitoring almost any object and environmental parameters. At the same time, we will be able not only to track these objects and settings, but also to manage them and to include information about them in general “digital universe”. According to some statistics, the number of objects that are “Internet of Things” will be comparable to the number of atoms on the surface of the Earth.

Millions of sensors or mini-computers that are connected to the “Internet of Things” will penetrate into the region, of which the current Internet could not even dream of. “Smart” objects and connected networks will be able to manage electricity networks, monitor the pollution of the world ocean and forest fires, check the quality of the air in the mines as well as monitor the plants, pipelines, bridges, warehouses, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and any other objects created by man and nature.

In this review, we present Top-5 ideas on mobile computing in the nearest future.

Transparent phone

A transparent phone is a gimmicky gadget, and Polytron Technologies has proven this by creating the first prototype of the phone, and the majority of its components are completely transparent.

Screen from the back side

Yota company offered a bold concept: the smartphone on Android with the second screen on the electronic ink. It can be used as an alternative to save battery power, and you can easily keep an eye on important information.

The dual-screen phone

NEC Medias W is folded similar to the Yota phone except that the rear screen of the same color and a touch-sensitive surface. But the leading thing is the opportunity to take and put the screens one by one. You can use the second screen as a keyboard and watch a movie on two screens, since the total area is slightly larger than the Galaxy Note II screen and is 5.6 inches.

The phone projector

So far, Samsung in 2011 has released the W7900, and in 2012 there was much more famous Samsung Galaxy Beam running Android. But over time, the projectors have become even better and slimmer.

Wrist Phone

The idea to carry a mobile phone at hand originated in science fiction long before the appearance of these mobile phones. Built-in wrist watches at different times were made by Samsung and Sony. The final product had a vanishingly small popularity.

Personal Computer


Personal Computer

You have already bought a personal computer, but stay in a sort of confusion, since you cannot get the general information about your new device. In this article, we are going to give you fundamental knowledge about PC and its inevitable components. One should take into account this story goes about IBM’s desktop computer.

What is a computer in general?

The question “What is a computer?” at the end of the 20th century was answered in that way: The computer is a computing machine designed for quick accounts of various mathematical problems. After all, computers were very large and occupied several large rooms.

The question “What is a personal computer” at the beginning of the 21st century can be answered as follows: The computer is an electronic assistant in daily affairs. It became a personal computer because of the emergence of the Internet – a worldwide network to link together millions of people from all over the globe. The computer not only helps a person to stay connected, but also became a means of communication and entertainment.

What does computer consist of?

The usual set of stationary computer system includes the following components:

l System unit

By and large, the “system unit” is the computer itself. Inside the system unit there are basic PC components, which will be explained later. The system unit connects peripheral devices: monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, modem, and so on.

l Monitor

This is the screen displaying the information sharing process with the computer system. Without the monitor, the computer can be considered a useless pile of iron.

Earlier, the cathode ray tube (CRT) has been used as a monitor screen similar to the old TVs. Modern monitors are flat and possess a thin display, but the screen size is smaller.

l Keyboard

If the monitor is designed to display the information, the keyboard serves for entering information into a computer.

l Mouse& Pad

The mouse complements the keyboard functions, but if the keyboard serves to enter information, then the mouse mainly performs control functions.

l Speakers

Computer speaker cannot be considered a mandatory attribute of a computer system, but modern computers have become so omnipresent that somehow we cannot imagine working at a computer without a good-quality sound.

The above is a standard list of minimum computer system configuration devices. That would be enough for the user to work properly on the computer. But often, the minimum configuration isn’t enough. Below we have a list of several other commonly used computer devices.

l Modem

The modem is designed to connect a computer to the Internet. This device represents an ADSL- device to provide a high-speed Internet connection through an ordinary telephone line. But it may be that the modem is already in the system unit and your computer, and then separately it’s not necessary to buy it.

l Printer

Printer is needed to make copies of the documents. Today, a laser printer that has a high speed monochrome printing (shades of gray tones and the possibility of color printing) is the most essential for both big and small offices.

l Scanner

A scanner is used for the image input to the computer. This is crucial to remember that all devices (except keyboard and mouse) are equipped with a network cable to connect to AC 220 V network.

One should use the appropriate cables to connect the PC to the system unit. In most cases, it will be a cable with a USB-connector, which can be linked to any suitable USB-connector on the computer system unit.

This is quite enough information to know about the PC from the start. So, if you are ready to purchase a gimmicky device, first use our introduction guide to the world of computer technologies.

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